Judging Criteria

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A comprehensive judging process has been put together to decide the worthy winners of the HR Distinction Awards. The panel of judges is Judicially made to ensure the Awards judging process is fair and Transparent and let the worthy receive the duly deserved appreciation.The integrity of this process lies at the very heart of all that we do. All the entries are scrutinized with the same level of judgement without any bigotry.

Our focus is to deliver a balanced judging assessment and Thus providing a platform to the best, to showcase their innovative practices in the HR industry which has revolutionized the organization and thus will help others across the globe.

Judging process:-

  1. After the nominations are received, all entries will be sent for the first round of review.
  2. Entries will be carefully scrutinized with the best selected to go forward to the shortlist for each category.
  3. The finalists of each categories of awards will be published on the HR Distinction Award’s website.
  4. The judges will score each of the entries against a predetermined set of scores.
  5. Scores are then collected and collated, with the entries receiving the highest overall score being declared the winner of that category.
  6. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony. The judge’s decision is final and will be respected and no correspondence, telephone, email or communication of any kind will be entertained.


Judging Criteria:-

Evaluation of each awards category is basically outlined on its

Innovative practice



Overall impact

Contribution on to the organization or business needs

Contribution on to the industry

People that can be affected/impacted

while Filling in the nominations please ensure the practices mentioned are sporting some of the attributes which can easily highlight your nominations.